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Friday, August 5, 2011


I wish there was more time in a day. Do you ever feel like your brain wants to do a million things but your body just can't keep up? I've come to the conclusion that I can not do it all in a day. I need to have a day for house work, a day for being lazy, a day for doing something creative, a day for shopping, and a day that is 100% devoted to Carson. I wish I could be that organized. We've had the busy last couple of weeks. Last weekend we took a long weekend and went to Benton, for the Pirtle Family reunion! We had a blast :) Especially Carson... He loved the boats, and the lake! But more importantly he loved playing with Mimi & Poppy, along with his great aunts and uncles, and of course his cousins!

After a fun, but exhausting weekend we got to pick up our new car. I know you are thinking..."What? Didn't they already get it?" Well, yes...We did. To make a LONG story short when we got the grey one there were several "imperfections" on the inside. We ended up switching it out for a new one. This time we choose white.... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Yesterday Carson and I dropped it off to get our running boards put on :)

Carson is of course keeping me busy! That boy is everywhere I tell ya...You can't begin to understand unless you one: have a busy boy, or two: if you have spent some time with the guy.

He is still not talking too much but he does spit out a word every now and then. My favorite is "balloon", or "ba-boon" as he calls it. He loves balloons, he always notices them. He kept pointing them out at Walmart the other day. Yesterday I took him to the Dollar Store to get something and, oh my, they were everywhere. I bought that boy his very own "ba-boon" he smiled the whole way home.

The other thing that has sort of consumed me this week is Pinterest. If you're on Facebook you're probably tired of hearing me talk about how addicted I am. I apologize for the repetitiveness. If you don't know what it is... Check it out here! I have seen so many cool ideas and projects my mind literally can't got to bed at night. It's on creative overload. Seriously...I just lay there any think about things I could, and want to do. Ugh, it's exhausting! In efforts to relieve a little of my "creative tension" today I did a super quick little project. I've seen on Pinterest some cute framed snapshots that have cool pattered mats. I've read you can just paint, fabric, scrapbook paper, etc. So today I did it. I gave a boring white mat a little update. Although, I didn't want to wait for paint to dry, I didn't have any scrapbook paper, and honestly... I was too lazy to cut fabric to fit so I used something I had on hand, ribbon!

I used a royal blue ribbon (bad lighting in the picture so you can't really tell) and just cut, then tapped it onto the back of the mat. I love it because if I get tired of it I can take it right off. The whole project took me less than 5 minutes. Yay :) A perfect little update for this busy Mommy!