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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taking a breath...

Whew...these have been a busy couple of weeks!! We spent a nice long weekend with the Harper's for Thanksgiving, then my mom came up for a SUPER fun shopping visit this past weekend, and then today Carson and I hosted a Christmas Party play date.  I'm very thankful for a busy couple of weeks because it's making December 21st come faster!  I am just dying to know if Carson is going to have a brother, or a sister!  Next weekend the Harper's are coming up to celebrate Christmas with us, and go to a Ram's game.  Then of course the next week we will find out the sex of this baby and have Christmas all in the same week! Woo Hoo!

While at the Harper's last week Carson got to do all kinds of fun things.  He is quite the country boy, he obviously gets this from his daddy!  He loved running around at Mimi and Poppy's house and especially loved the four wheeler rides with Poppy and Daddy!  But I have to admit...I think his favorite part of the trip was going to the farm.  Carson and I crossed, "Ride in a tractor" off our bucket list!  He LOVED it, so much so when others went for a ride he chased it. haha He thought the cows were pretty cool, and made the funniest face every time he heard a "moooo".  He also got to help feed the horses, but wasn't too sure about petting them.  Most of all I think he just loved being able to run, run, run.


Lovin the hair....

I know this is blurry but this was the face he made every time he heard a cow!
He had a blast playing in the leaves with Mommy and Daddy!
Mimi and her boys!
 Last Monday I had a doctor's appointment to check up on my second lil baby!  Everything was PERFECT and my doctor is so cool that she did an informal ultrasound for fun.  I can't believe that at every appointment so far I've gotten to actually SEE this baby!  I'm spoiled :)  Oh and by the way....more fun news! James and I have decided to go on a baby-moon in February!  We are going to Cancun with our old neighbors from Minnesota, and we can not wait!  My parents are keeping Carson for the week, I think they might be more excited than we are! haha