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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope your bag gets filled with treats :)
More on Carson's 2nd Halloween to come...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now Showing...

It's official, I am showing, just barely though.  I always have a "bump" on this belly of mine.  I'm pretty sure my entire life it's never been flat, that's just me I guess. haha Any who, in the last week I've noticed my always bump, is turning into my baby bump! Yay, a reason for a bump :) Nobody would probably even notice that it's there, mainly because it just looks like I gained a few.  I know for a fact it's gotten bigger because, as weird as it sounds, I've noticed that my belly button is more shallow.  Strange I know.  Monday I go back to the doctor for my 12 week check-up.  I'm hoping that Carson and I (Yes, I'm taking him solo to the doctor, crazy I know) will get to hear lil' Harper's heartbeat :)  The super nice lady at the front desk told me I could bring Carson because it should be a pretty quick check-up.  She said he could sit out front and color with them if I needed him to.  Ha, she doesn't know my child.  I wanted to say, "Good luck getting him to sit and color, because he will be way more interested in your wall of files back there."  I'll let her figure that one out, should I need her help.  haha My doctor is a mother of either 5 or 6, I can't remember.  She is so laid back I know she would love to have Carson running around in the exam room.  She loved getting to see him throw wadded up paper balls across the room at our last appointment!

Last time I posted I babbled on about the baby room.  I spent a lot of my free time last week browsing Etsy and Pinterest for cute baby bedding.  Maybe I am just picky, but it's hard to find bedding that isn't dripping with cheese...If you know what I mean.  I love the Chevron (zig-zag) pattern that is everywhere right now, along with all of the other geometric shapes I've been seeing.  Right now I plan on having a few Chevron print things in this baby's room (boy or girl).  Not a lot, because the print is so bold you don't need much.  Right now I'm loving these (from Etsy of course)...

The cuteness is killing me

This weekend Carson and I are heading to Owensboro.  James has a big audit at work next week and can't really leave town for the weekend.  Since he isn't coming with us that allows us to leave earlier than Friday after work.  We are heading that direction tomorrow after we meet him for lunch!  I know Granny and Pops are just dying to see this cute kid.
Is that hilarious or what?  

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Closer...

I feel like it's safe to say that I'm getting closer to feeling like me again.  My energy level is increasing and I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm not out of the woods by any means but I think I see the bright shiny light at the end of the first trimester tunnel.  Today I scheduled my 13 week check-up, hard to believe the first trimester is already nearing end!  For a couple weeks there I was so down and out that I honestly couldn't even get excited about this pregnancy.  But now, it's safe to say I'm beginning to become obsessed with all things baby again.  I've been peeking around at baby bedding (both boy and girl of course), thinking of baby names, strolling through the maternity department, "ew-ing" and "aw-ing" over the newborn gear, checking out new diaper bags (because new baby means new diaper bag, right?), I even almost bought a crib this weekend.  Yes, you read that right, I almost bought a crib. 
Seriously, I think the one I saw was this same crib, only white.  Love, love, love it!
 IF, and that's a big IF, we have a girl I am dying to buy a simple crib and paint it a fun color.  So, while out on a little garage sale adventure this weekend I spotted the perfect crib for the job, and it was only $30. Ugh, still feel like I should have bought it. O well, it is a little premature. haha  IF we have a boy, we will probably use Carson's crib and move him to a big boy bed.  So, it seemed silly to buy one with the possibility that we wouldn't even use it.  The thought of Carson in a big boy bed is CRAZY.  But, you know what that means? If we move him to a new bed, he'll need a mini room makeover.  Now that sounds like fun! haha Maybe I should be shopping for girl bedding, boy bedding, and big boy bedding possibilities!  When I was pregnant with Carson the day I found out it was a boy I ordered his bedding.  I just hope this go around I'm on top of things enough to already have it picked out!!

James and I have had our "girl name" picked out since we were pregnant with Carson. If I get to start going crazy with all thing "girly" it will be for a little miss Jane Marie Harper.  Jane was James' grandmother, and Marie is my grandmother.  Love it!  On the other hand, if we shall be blessed with another "Harper boy" (and if this happens Pam, I will need lots of advice on how to raise TWO Harper boys) we haven't quite nailed down what his name would be.  Right now my favorite is Anderson James Harper.  I think James is on board with that one as well so my guess is that will be our name :)  Everyone assumes that I am just "dying" for a girl.  Do I want a girl?  Of course, but will I be disappointed if it's a boy? Absolutely not!  Carson is awesome, he is such a boy, and I love it.  It would be so great to have two boys, two years apart.  They could be such buddies, and would always be able to play and entertain each other. I feel like brothers are much closer than a brother and a sister ever could be.  

Geez...I shouldn't have written this post close to bed time.  My brain is what I'm going to call, "baby busy".  Bedding, paint colors, names, clothes, and room layouts, oh my!  Wish me luck ;)

Monday, October 10, 2011

What's New?

Why is it so hard to not complain when you don't feel well?  I know this is a total girl thing, but I just can't help it! haha Overall I have been feeling ok, but this weekend I had a little big slip up.  James took the day off on Friday so he could get a few things done around here.  It was super nice having him home all day :) While crossing off lots of things on the ol' "honey-do" list we decided it would be a perfect time to go get flu shots.  It felt about like any other shot and I didn't really think much about it.  That is, until I woke up Saturday morning feeling like death.  I'm convinced I had the side effects of the shot: NAUSEA, low fever, feeling like your dying, can't even stand to take a shower, just want to lay on the couch, and sleep, lots of sleep.  My Zofran failed me...haha I guess that only helps in the "morning sickness" department. Ugh. So, very, very glad that happened on a weekend when James was here to take care of the little man, and me for that matter!  Anyways, by lunch time Sunday I was feeling much more like my pregnant woozie self :) Thank goodness. 

Anyway, In an effort to stop complaining about feeling bad I'll fill you in on what's new at the Harper house!  Two weekends ago my parents came down to visit for a long weekend :)  We did lots of hanging out, watching football, and playing with Carson.  He took them to his favorite park, and we took him to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time!  If you asked Carson what his favorite part was (and he could tell you) he would probably say the sand.  There were a couple playground and random spots that had sand.

He loved it.  Maybe we should be taking another beach vacay before baby number two arrives? Yea, sounds good.
Carson also loved the open space.  There were so many places to run and explore!  Granny and Pops loved showing him all the different types of pumpkins too!

Pops liked the HUGE, fifty dollar, pumpkins.
Granny loved the grey ones, and the bumpy ones!
We loved that they had pumpkins still in the "patch" that you could pick yourself.  So fun!  We did not buy this big pumpkin but we did use it for a super cute family pic!
Pumpkins, Pumpkins, everywhere!

Love this guy. 
Carson is going on 17 months old.  Geez that is hard to believe!  Best way to describe him is that he is his Daddy made over.  Right now he is working the smile.  He knows when to flash it, and just how big he needs to make it.  Yes, James has used this trick his whole life.  Ask anyone.  He is quite the ham too.  He has his own little personality and he wants to share it with EVERYONE.  Gotta love that, again, just like his daddy :)

 One of my favorite things Carson is doing right now is hooting.  Yes, sounds weird I know! haha I have a couple owls in the house and when you point to them, or ask him what an owl says he makes the sweetest little hooting sound.  Today, at Target he started hooting for no reason. I didn't prompt him, and we didn't see an owl.  Hilarious.  He did it for literally five minutes!

How cute is he? Love it!  I apologize for the sideways video.  This is the first one I have taken on this phone, to upload. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying fall! It's been so nice around here lately!  All of our fall flowers are blooming and looking so pretty. 

Lovin' our pumpkins and gourds :)
  Right before my parents came to visit James and I bought a new kitchen table! We've been needing to for quite some time but just haven't found the right thing for our space.  Thanks to a very generous gift from the Harper's we were able to purchase this bad boy :) We love that it came with a cute two seater chair, and that it can seat up to 8 when the nifty little butterfly leaf opens up :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And baby makes four

As most of you already know our little family is expecting another addition in May.  I have been so busy with Carson and his little social calendar lately that I haven't taken the time, or energy to blog.  So being pregnant again is the perfect time to revisit the blogging world :)  I have had so many of you ask me why I stopped, and tell me I needed to start up again (and just let me say I'm completly flattered).  So, I will grant you this wish.  Mainly because I want to have a detailed "journal" if you will, of this pregnancy for baby number two to read someday.  So, here we go.
Baby Harper 6 weeks old...Lookin' a little bean-ish
I should start by answering the number one question asked to a pregnant lady, "How are you feeling?"  That's a loaded question.  Physically I'm feeling not that great, although I have to thank my doctor for the Zofran (I think it's saving my life right now).  I feel sooo much better since I have been taking that.  Its nearly impossible to feel nauseous all day long, while caring for, playing with, and chasing a 16 month old.  Emotionally, I'm on cloud 9!  We are just ecstatic to be welcoming another wee one into our family!  As most of you know we had some issues with getting pregnant with Carson.  About a year and a half, lots of Clomid, and two inseminations later we were pregnant!  This go around we got SUPER lucky! We had the same issues ( I apparently don't ovulate with out drugs, and when I do its considered a "poor ovulation").  We'd been trying since May, and a couple months ago my regular OB referred me to an infertility specialist to get injection treatments to ensure a strong ovulation.  Well, we had a consultation with the new doctor, and were just waiting until a new cycle started to begin the injections.  Thing is....Never started a new cycle....I was pregnant :) Whew!  We were TOTALLY surprised and it was the BEST feeling ever.  I've always been jealous of people that are "surprised" by a pregnancy.  So I feel so lucky to have experienced my own little version of a surprise :)
Even Carson is excited about our new addition!

We went to the doctor today for an 8 week check-up, where I gave a little (more like a lot) of blood, and we did an ultrasound to pin point the due date.  Looks like May 12th, 2012 we should officially be a family of four! I love my new blog title picture. It's Carson getting his first glimpse of his baby brother/sister.  Such a sweet moment.  I didn't capture the part where he threw it across the room, mainly because it wasn't so sweet. haha

This pregnancy is already proving to be quite different from the first.  I was pretty nauseous for about a week or so and then my doctor prescribed me Zofran.  Which has given me a new lease on first trimester life!  I am still not feeling like my usual full of energy self of course.  One thing that hasn't changed from the first pregnancy is that I need a nap, daily.  Carson however gets to decide if I get one or not.  One major difference I am noticing, and battling right now is indigestion.  The first go around I didn't have issues with this until Carson was taking up most of the room in my stomach.  This new guy/gal is only the size of a raspberry and he/she is already causing me problems.  I hope this isn't a bad sign :/ haha 

Baby Harper at 8 weeks, 3 days.  The head is at the bottom and that little fin-like thing is his/her arm, and of course the bottom and feet are at the top.  The thing that made my heart skip a beat for a minute (that other little ball thing) is the yolk sack (it goes away after the first trimester).  I thought for a split second it might be a baby...yikes! haha