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Thursday, September 30, 2010

One happy guy...

I took a quick video on my phone today of Carson that I just have to share! I can't figure out how to rotate the video, so I apologize if you get a crick in your next as you watch :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

4 Months!

Can you believe this sweet boy is already 4 months old?!?! Yesterday, September 27th I took Carson to his new pediatrician Dr. Harrison :) And we loved him! While Carson was getting his eyes and ears checked he was literally cracking up at the doc! It was so cute :) The doctor said Carson looked great! Come on doc, tell me something I don't already know! haha He's growing and is getting very strong! He weighed in at 14 lbs 4 oz (38th %tile) and he was 26.5 inches long (94th%tile)! He's still our long and lean little man :) The doctor gave us the go ahead on introducing cereal then some stage one fruits and veggies. He did say that since Carson was doing so well there was really no reason to start them right now, considering he's sleeping through the night and not spitting up much. So, I'm not sure when we will start but we'll keep you posted! I can't wait to see his reaction to that first bite of cereal!

At four months:
Carson got his second round of shots... he hated it.
Carson loves playing with his hands...

And listening to himself talk!

He's still just as smiley, and he has full control of his head!!
Such a big boy :)
Carson is LOVING having his Mimi & Poppy, and Granny & Pops closer!

He's spent a day at the Magic House in St. Louis, and we can't wait to take him back!

And the little guy is ready for fall! We're already having a hard time finding clothes to fit this long skinny boy! haha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wee Blocker

The Wee Blocker... When we were registering for baby stuff I saw these and thought they were so cute! I also thought I needed a couple of them. I didn't get any, which is a good thing because I honestly would have never used it....and if I had, I'm not so sure it would have actually blocked the "Wee". So, I can say now, a couple days shy of four months into being a Mommy this is not something I needed. But, Carson might disagree.

I have changed many of diapers in the last four months and I have gotten peed on several times. But, today the tables were turned! Today Carson managed to pee all over himself. Let me give you a play by play of how all of this went down, because it is quite comical. I laid Carson down on his changing table, took off his wet diaper, got him all cleaned up, and then turned my head for a second to reach in the drawer to get clean clothes. When I turned back around I noticed that Carson's face was wet...soaking wet. I'm talking it looked like I splashed water all over it. I look down, and his little pee pee is dripping.... Yes, Carson just peed on his own face. Only a boy can accomplish this I feel sure. Carson was laying there helpless with pee puddles on his eyes and he was looking at me like, "Mom, what just happened here? Where did that come from?" Oh little Carson, you poor thing! I quickly wiped the kiddo down with a wipe to clean him up. Words can't even begin to explain how funny this was. I can't wait to tell Carson this story when he gets older!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where is the comment box?

Dear Homegoods,
I love you with all of my heart, I honestly do, but today you really ticked me off. Let me explain...I had planned on spending the day getting some things done around the house, but one of our traps caught a mouse in the attic, which caused the house to start sticking (I don't dispose of mice, that is a daddy job). So my sweet baby boy and I had to escape. Where should we go? I thought. Homegoods of course! Your store is always a great place to kill time :) While browsing up and down your aisles today I started to hear grunting noises coming from the carseat, so I headed for your restrooms. Only, when I got there I noticed something was missing.....

Yes, Homegoods you have failed to place a changing station in your restroom. I know I am not the first Mommy to come across this dilemma while shopping in your store. To make it even worse your handicapped stall had enough room for 2 changing stations. I did a little research and found that you can get a Koala baby changing station for a measly $185. I'm pretty sure I spend WAY over that in your stores each year. It really is a terribly inconvenience to your customers that enjoy shopping with their children. I hope that you will seriously consider placing a changing station in the restroom at each of your stores. I hope I never have to change my sons stinky diaper in my lap, while sitting on your toilet again.

Your valued customer

Monday, September 13, 2010

A mouse in the house?

Well, today Carson and I took a break from painting and unpacking to shop! We had a great time :) It was SO nice to get out of the house for a while and enjoy a beautiful day in our new city! We explored a few new shopping spots that I will be returning to very soon :) Yay! I actually had the best time at Tuesday Morning :) They had a HUGE one in Chesterfield and I found several cute things...I'm dying to go back and buy more! haha Carson's favorite spot was the outdoor shopping center at Lake St. Louis. He loved riding around outside in his stroller :)

After a long day of shopping we got home and plopped down in James' recliner to relax. Shortly after that I heard a strange noise coming from our bookshelf in the living room. Aw, probably nothing I thought. That was until Chloe walked over trying to figure out what it was....I kept, it must be a mouse! Why am I assuming its a mouse you ask? Well, I've seen one in the landscaping out back and James saw two the other night climbing up the side of the house! EEK! I guess this is the price we pay for backing up to the woods???? Of course James is at a "work" thing (Cubs vs Cards baseball game with customers, yeah I'm jealous.) so I'm going to have to deal with this situation by myself. I call my dad freaking out... His advice is to try to catch it, kill it with a broom or something, or sick Chloe on it. Thanks Dad but none of these were very appealing. I am a 100% city girl... I've never caught a mouse, touched a mouse, or seen one in my house, nor did I ever want to. So, after hanging up with Dad I had to call James and interrupt his work dinner...When he answered I immediately started crying, "James! I'm sure there is a mouse behind the book shelf! WHAT DO I DO?" Poor James, he felt bad for me so he told me to rig up this little contraption:

Once my little mouse barrier was built I opened the front door, grabbed the LONGEST broom I could find and started banging around on everything inside the barrier with the hopes of scaring the little guy/girl straight out the front door. Never saw anything. I feel sure while I was outside grabbing the boxes he/she slipped right out. That's what I'm telling myself anyways. Just in case I'm keeping my head up tonight and trying NOT to look down at the floor, and oh yeah, I'm not going anywhere near that bookshelf.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Settling In...

Whew...It's been a crazy past week! Friday we closed on our house, and we pretty much painted the entire weekend, with help from my parents, Andy, and Liz! Thanks guys.... we really couldn't have done it all without you!!! We accomplished a lot (painting the kitchen, living room, the laundry room, Carson's room, and lots of doors and trim), but...we still have more to do!! This weekend James and I are hoping to tackle our bedroom, bathroom, and the guest room :) Once we get everything painted and our furniture and stuff in place I'll post some pictures.

As for now, we are all settling in quite nicely. Chloe LOVES her yard, her deck, and taking walks in her new neighborhood. Mommy loves her big kitchen and her living room full of windows. Daddy loves his big living room with plenty of space to get down on the floor and play with Carson and Chloe. Carson LOVES sleeping in his bed again, playing with his Big Red mobile, and streching out in our big living room. Carson has gotten smarter since we've moved in too...

He can now sit in his Bumbo seat

He can grab a hold of his rattle, and is wanting to chew on it....Teething already, YIKES!

He can wear his hair in a mohawk

He is also multitasking...Sucking his thumb while holding his rattle. Nice.

Maybe he's smarter or maybe it's just the owl outfit making him look a little "wiser". Either way...I just love this guy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heading West...

Today is mine and Carson's last full day in Kentucky! Tomorrow we head to Missouri for good :) I honestly can't begin to explain how excited I am!!! It's been about 10 days since we've seen James so right now that is what I'm most excited about, getting our family all in one place! Tomorrow night we'll be staying in a hotel and then Friday morning at 9:30am we get to close on our new place! I CAN NOT WAIT! I'm so anxious to get in there and put some color on the walls :) I wouldn't say that I'm "excited" to paint... But I am excited to see the outcome! We've recruited my brother Andy, and my Dad to come help with the painting so hopefully between the 4 of us, and maybe some help from James' assistant we can get 13 doors, all of the trim, and almost of the walls painted in 2 1/2 days? Do you think it's possible? I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks to James' relocation package we had movers come in, box up our stuff in Minnesota, and then they'll be bringing it to the new place! They should be arriving shortly after closing on Friday, followed by my parents, and then Andy and Liz...oh yeah, and Max and Chloe will be there too. We are going to have a FULL house! It has the potential to be quite a chaotic day but I really don't care because I'M SO EXCITED!!!
Carson during his 3 month photo shoot hanging out on the quilt that Granny made :)

Carson and I have really enjoyed our stay with Granny & Pops! It's kind of been nice hanging out in the big O again, but I have to say....It seems so small compared to the big city life we've kinda got accustomed to. I know that my parents have enjoyed having us here but I'm sure they are ready to reclaim their space. Right now their living room contains not only their stuff but a baby swing, diaper changing stuff, blankets, toys, burp clothes, and of course Carson! It seems that no matter how hard I try I can't contain the "stuff" that we have here! I guess it's because nothing really has a "place" to go. My parents of course have been great hosts to us, and Chloe (Did I mention that Chloe has been here since we were here for the Sip & See? Yeah, they're awesome.) . I know Chloe and Max are going to miss having each other to play with but now Chloe has a house and yard big enough to host uncle Max :) Yay!!

Once we get half way situated in STL I'll post a few pictures of the progress we've made! Can't wait to share :)