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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little tour of Carson's room...

Carson's room is officially painted and it looks great :) We are very happy with the color and we can't wait to fill it with more stuff!! We recorded a quick little video tour of the room today. After my mom's visit this week we'll have to make another video because we'll have curtains, rugs, and I'm sure lots more! Yay! I can't wait :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My day as an artist :)

I've been looking for quite some time for cute artwork to hang in Carson's room. I've searched online everywhere, checked out the wall decals, and thought about murals...I came to one conclusion: They are all too expensive! So, for about $12 I decided to create my own artwork for the room. I borrowed the idea from some artwork I found on, but then tweaked it a bit to make it my own :) They turned out SUPER cute and I think they will be perfect hanging over the crib or the dresser/changing table!!
We've decided on a paint color too! Carson's room will be blue :) It's kind of like the shade of the blue you'd see in a blue and white seersucker. It's going to be SO cute! I'm painting the room on Saturday so I will post pictures soon! I know, I know...seems early right? I can't decide if I'm just too excited to wait, if I'm being an over-achiever, or if I just want to be a really prepared mommy... but I guess none of these are too bad :) Happy painting to me!

Monday, January 18, 2010

An Amazing Feeling...

Friday when I got finished with work I came home and got snuggled in on the couch to watch all of my Thursday night shows (the "much anticipated" Grey's and Private Practice crossover event) haha. I had been sitting on the couch for about an hour or so when I felt a flutter really low in my stomach. I immediately thought... Ohmygosh, that's him! I was sooo afraid that he was going to kick or something and I wasn't going to notice it but I did, and it was amazing! After I felt his little "flutter" I just wanted to sit really still, concentrating on him so maybe I could feel it again. I didn't though...Just those few little times. So, really I was unsure if it was actually him. I was really busy on Saturday cleaning and doing little household chores so he was probably rocked to sleep most of the day by my business. But, on Sunday I spent a few hours on the couch watching football (Go Vikings!) and I felt the little flutter again! This time James was here and even he was excited that I was feeling him. I know he is just dying to be able to feel it for himself! Today, I had to go to a seminar thing for work where I had to sit in a chair from 12:30-3:30 and listen to a lady literally read 48 PowerPoint slides (yes, I counted them all). Luckily, little Carson was doing lots of moving in that first 30 minutes so I had something else to think about... It was like we were in the back row playing a game or something that nobody else knew about! What a cool feeling. I'm going to consider that as our first Mommy/Carson moment. I just sat there and daydreamed about what he was doing in there, what he looked like, and how sweet he was going to be! I love this little guy :)

This week Carson is the size of a fruit I have been eating a lot of lately... a banana :) Speaking of eating, by 21 weeks Carson's taste buds have developed! He is starting to be able to taste some of the things I eat...Crazy! Supposedly doctors say that after birth babies are most likely to be interested in tastes they have already tasted. Which means Carson might be liking some of the things I've been eating. I've been trying really hard to eat a variety of foods, including lots of fruit and veggies, and not a lot of greasy burgers and fries. I feel sure Carson will LOVE milk... I've been drinking two big glasses everyday. One in the morning with breakfast, and then another at night to sooth the stomach, plus it's kind of a good way to end the day...a nice cold glass of milk!
Carson is moving in my belly right this minute. I feel like when he is doing that I should stop what I'm doing and just sit and feel it. haha I guess that will change quickly as I start to feel him bouncing around all over the place, all of the time :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Carson is definitely growing!!

As we near the end of week 20 I can definitely tell that our little man is growing! This week Carson is about the size of a cantaloupe! I say that I can tell he's growing because I swear I can feel my stomach growing! haha It still doesn't really look like it's gotten much bigger but I think that it has. I can tell in the lower part of my stomach for sure! He must be getting all snuggled in down there. Whew, talk about uncomfortable! I've had lots of pants trouble this week because of all of Carson's "snuggling"! I've been able to wear all of my regular jeans comfortably (for the most part) until this week. Monday my jeans were entirely too tight in the waist region! I couldn't even zip them at all. Thank goodness for the Bella Band or I'd be wearing sweat pants all week! haha I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans and it's beginning to look like they need to move into the circulation a little more regularly.
I've also been feeling some stretching pains around the tummy area. I've decided that I can't really do much twisting or I can REALLY feel some stretching going on....Guess that's normal? Anybody know? has shared a rather disgusting piece of info about the baby this week. Carson's digestive system is "busy creating meconium". What is meconium you ask? Well, meconium is a "tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion, and dead cells". Disgusting right... Wait....It gets worse. This "substance" will be what fills Caron's first diaper. I think this sounds like a WONDERFUL job for Daddy. Don't you? I think maybe Mommy will be sleeping or something when this time arrives. Yuck. Let's not tell James about the "meconium" and when it's time to change the first diaper I will gladly let James have the honors!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy as a bee...

For any of you who share a busy brain like me you will totally understand this post. I am the type that really always has to be working on something. A craft project, cleaning project, organizing project, shopping for something special, and the list goes on. My brain is ALWAYS brainstorming about the next project. Sometimes when there are just too many exciting things coming up my brain goes into overload mode. Carson-case and point. I can't stop thinking about our little man. For those of you that have a not so busy brain, please feel free to ponder some of these thoughts for me...It all begins with getting his bedroom together. What kind and color window treatments do I want to make? What color should the walls be? Still haven't found a mobile that I really like, am I going to ever find one? Where is the full size bed going to go that's in his room now? Where are we going to put all of his "baby stuff"? The list continues...

Then I move to random things that I want to make sure I don't forget about as his arrival gets closer. Pictures for example... I want to make sure I have something set up for photos a few weeks after he is born, But where? I don't want to pay a fortune, because of course I will take about a million pics myself! haha My brain also likes to think about all of the fun things I will be able to do with Carson since I'll be staying home! I just CAN'T WAIT until the first day that him and I get to meet James at the park for lunch :) I will say... I don't want my brain to stop thinking about these things, they are soo fun to imagine!

The left side of my brain likes to think about craft projects that I should start with some of my spare time...that is while I still have it. I've still got my rocking chair to tackle once we decide on a paint color for the room. But, in the time being I've started some new ones... Right after Christmas I began working on a stocking for our little man. It's one of those felt ones where you cut out the pieces and sew them on, then add lots of sequins to make it all sparkly. James and I have one so I had to start one for Carson! That is still a work in progress :) Yesterday I opened a whole new can of worms...The sewing machine! I got it for Christmas last year and just love it! Yesterday I spent some time on the computer looking for easy sewing patterns and ideas of things to make guessed it...Carson! He's going to be adorable, and spoiled of course. I found a really cute pattern for a newborn hat, made out of a t-shirt (so cute, can't wait to make that one!) I also found a cute bib and burp cloth pattern. After I left work yesterday I headed for the fabric that place...and got some cute material so I could get started. So, I spent my afternoon yesterday working on the cutest little bib and matching burp cloth!

I just used some of that snugly flannel baby material they sell at all of the fabric stores, and it really turned out cute. I decided to make it more difficult (of course) by cutting out the letters to spell "Carson" and then appliqueing them on. But, I have to say...they made it so much cuter! This project in itself opens up my brain to a MILLION more cute ideas for order to stop having dreams about cute bibs I guess I'll just have to make more....haha This like many other first time projects has a few things I would change next time so while there are a few imperfections in bib # 1 I'm sure I will get it down to an art :)

My brain is also VERY busy thinking about the upcoming arrival of "Granny"! Mom is coming up at the end of the month to help work on Carson's room :) We have lots of FUN things to do while she is in town so I'm anxiously awaiting January 28th! James just doesn't enjoy cute little baby stores as much as I do...Granny will appreciate them for sure!! I'm hoping that we will have time to actually paint Carson's room while she is here :) If not, I at least need her help picking out the color!

My brain is now tired from typing about what's it's thinking...It's too early in the morning to have to make it think about all of these things at once. Whew...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carson is half way here!!!!

Today I am exactly 20 weeks pregnant, and only 20 more to go!! It's crazy to think that I'm at the half way point...The first 20 weeks has had it's lows (being so sick) and it's highs (finding out we we're having a boy)! We are sooooooo excited about what the next 20 weeks has in store :) I am anxiously awaiting the moment that I feel little Carson moving around in there...According to the doctor I should be feeling him in the next couple weeks! As for my bump...Dad says it still doesn't even really look like I'm pregnant, which I guess is a good thing. You can definitely tell though...The bump is getting bigger and I feel awfully "thick" through the middle! haha

I had a very productive weekend at home while James was out ice fishing (By the way, he didn't catch a thing except for a killer hangover two days in a row.)! I spent most of the day Saturday thinking about and shopping for Carson! haha I added items to our registry at Target and BabiesRUs so now it's officially complete, boy items included. After all of my shopping and running around town I came home and began yet another project... I wanted to come up with something unique...that I haven't seen before (as I'm sure most of you expected). So... I feel like I have come up with the cutest way to put "Carson" in the room!

I love the way it turned out :) I just painted the letters on paper, and then framed them in different sized, mis-matched, brown wooded frames. I think I like it most because it really looks like a boy, and I can reuse the frames when we want something different :)

After completing this project I, of course, began a new one...Cleaning out Carson's room (this must be the nesting starting to settle in). I somehow managed to get a carload of stuff out of the closet to take to the Goodwill (it's like the 10th time I've taken a car load since we moved in 2 years ago) We have a pretty big walk in closet in Carson's room and one side now has our "stuff" and one side has his. He is already starting to get quite the collection of stuff! I can only imagine how much stuff he will have come May! Whew...where are we going to put it all? After working on the closet I worked on getting as much out of the room as possible. Once we take the "load" to Goodwill tomorrow there will actually be space in there to put together the crib-which we get to pick up tomorrow! WooHoo! Hopefully by next weekend we will have the full size bed out of there and then it will really be able to start looking like a baby room! My mom is coming up to visit at the end of the month and that's when the true "transformation" will begin!! I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carson Thomas Harper

It's a BOY!!! James and I are just ecstatic that we can now give our little baby a name, Carson Thomas Harper! WooHoo :) We had our ultrasound first thing this morning and it was the most amazing thing EVER! The tech started out by just doing lots of measurements of Carson's anatomy (brain, bones, heart, spine, etc) It was really neat to get a tour through his little body. I will remind you that he is still only 11 ounces! It really is crazy you can see all of that when he is no bigger than my hand! Anyways...after all of the measurements she said, "So you wanted to know the sex right?" and we're dying..."YES!!" She then freezes the image and says, "It's definitely a boy!" We were so pumped!! Me of course, being the worrier that I am immediately said, "Are you sure?!?!" and she says, "Yum yeah, I'm sure!" When you see the picture you will know why this was a dumb question... Anyone can look at the pic and tell it's a boy! At this point tears start rolling down my face. It kind of makes everything come full circle when I can actually give that "baby in my belly" a NAME! Carson... I love him :) James and I were originally going to name him Brady James but the other night my mom suggested Carson and it just sounded perfect! So... On May 30th 2010 we will be welcoming a little boy, Carson Thomas Harper into our lives! Yay :) Any of you that know me at all probably wont be shocked when I say that AS SOON AS I left the doctor I immediately went to Target and bought a few boy things :) The elephant pj's are my favorite!

Today we also got to do a 3D ultrasound! The tech. kept saying that Carson wasn't cooperating while she was trying to get measurements and show us a 3D image of his face. James says, "Great, he's already hard-headed. That's all from her side!" haha Too funny... Totally true :) When she first pulled up the 3D image on the screen he had his fist directly over his face so we couldn't see anything... after the tech wiggled around the probe a little he finally started moving and then proceeded to put his arms in a X shape directly over his face. It was hilarious! FINALLY, he moved them and gave in for a quick picture of his sweet little face! I've posted all of the ultrasound photos below! We get to go back for another one in 10 weeks :) They said that the next 3D ultrasound will be way better... Cant wait to see that little guy again!!!! The third picture is the "Money Shot" and the fourth is a his little foot :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Deflating Experience...

So today was SUPPOSED to be the day where we can finally give this baby a name, and of course know if it was a boy or a girl. Well, we get to our appointment FULL of excitement, and when I go to check-in I say, "I had an appt. at 3:45 for an ultrasound and then a visit with Dr. Cho for my 19 week check-up." The lady types a few things into the computer and says, "Umm, I see your appt. but I don't see that we scheduled you an ultrasound." So basically, when our last visit (at 15 weeks) was over we made an appt. for our 19 week visit WITH an ultrasound and the stinkin' lady didn't get that into the computer some how. So, of course when she tells me that the ultrasound tech is already gone for the day tears immediately start to fill my eyes. She told us we could come in first thing in the morning to have one done, which was good of course but I just couldn't stop crying at this point. It literally felt like someone blew up a balloon in our face and popped it! We were prepared with the fact that maybe the baby wouldn't cooperate but we didn't think that the scheduling lady would get in the way of this news! Ahh. So... after about an hour or so I finally got a grip. It's not the end of the world... We get to find out first thing in the morning, 8:10 to be exact! So... we are even more excited! At the appointment we did get to hear our baby's heart beat again and it was perfect...150bpm :)
Yesterday when I asked my dad if he thought it was going to be a boy or a girl he guessed boy, then he said he actually thought we wouldn't be able to find out today. Guess he was the big winner after all! I'm sure he jinxed us....and now we have to all wait until tomorrow...Thanks Dad!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Registry Experience....

One of the ladies I work with wants to have a small shower for me up here while my mom is in town here in a few weeks...So, this of course meant we needed to register...SOON!
James is going on an ice fishing trip (Yes, they actually do that up here.) next weekend so we had to get it done this weekend or else we'd be running out of time! So, we decided to get up early on Saturday and do all of the registering BEFORE football started! I am pretty familiar with all of the baby supplies, gear, and what they are all used for. James on the other hand, was a little clueless. He kept telling me that I could go register without him if I wanted but I wanted him to understand just how much STUFF a baby comes with! He was amazed at all of the little gadgets that are available! We had fun deciding what all we "wanted" and what all we "need". haha We started our little adventure at Target because I knew James would be overwhelmed by BabiesRUs as a first stop, I would have been too for that matter...that place is HUGE! Target was pretty easy and we were able to pretty much find everything that we needed, but you have to register at BabiesRUs right?!?! If they had 10 types of bottles to choose from at Target I bet they had 50 at BabiesRUs. Anyone who has been in there you know I'm not exaggerating! haha Of course there were SOME things we weren't able to register just yet because of course we don't know until TOMORROW if it's a "pickle or a hamburger" as our friend Cheryl so eloquently put it. haha That just cracks us up! While James is gone next weekend I plan on heading back to add some gender specific items to the registry. If any of you mommies out there had that ONE thing that you couldn't live without please share what that thing is... We feel like we did a good job with what we picked but we are rookies here!

I can't really put into words how excited I am about tomorrow! James is excited too but I think he's a little nervous too! I just know that if the baby is healthy then we will be SO happy! I am really looking forward to being a parent with James- He is going to be SOO good at it. He's always so calm and never gets in a "tizzy". This will help me tons, and in turn will probably help the baby as well :) I still have not had another baby dream since that one forever ago! I did have a dream about James the other night though...and it was quite funny. I had this dream that he was really stressed out (which never happens first of all) because he just couldn't decide which bedding he wanted in the baby's room (which is hilarious because he doesn't get into the whole decorating thing AT ALL). He was just torn between two bedding sets and he kept asking me what I thought and I kept giving him answers like he always gives me, "I like them both. It doesn't matter to me either way. I'm open minded" Which, as most of you know... doesn't help at all in the decision making process. It was a funny dream because it sounded like a conversation we'd have only the roles were reversed! haha
I've taken a poll and right now it sounds like more people think we are having a girl....although we did go to a little football get-together today and all of the guys said they were thinking "boy thoughts" for James... So who knows! My little nephew Parker seems to think that baby Harper is now in his tummy...Andy and my dad can't seem to convince him otherwise... He thinks his baby Harper is going to be a boy, and that it's coming out in 30 days! Too cute :)

We've been taking a little poll to see what people think we are having and.......
The results are in:
Mommy: girl
Daddy: girl
Granny (my mom): girl
Pops (my dad): boy
Andy (my bro): boy
Parker: boy
Mimi (James' mom): girl
Big Poppy (James' dad): boy
Josh (James' bro): girl
Holli (friend): girl
Stacey (friend): girl
Josh (neighbor): boy
Michelle (neighbor): girl
Cheryl (friend): girl
Tara (friend): girl
Jenny (cousin): boy

Vote Totals: Girl: 10 Boy: 6

We go to the doctor tomorrow (Monday) at 3:45...Can't wait!!