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Monday, April 25, 2011

Lucky Duck...

Carson is a lucky duck. Why? Well, aside from the fact that he has amazing parents, he considers himself quite lucky that his daddy was able to move us to St. Louis last fall. Last week we decided kind of spur of the moment that we'd make the 4 hour drive down to Owensboro for Easter :) It's so nice to be this close to home. That 12 hour drive from Minnesota was just brutal. It was so nice to see some of the family this weekend! And, speaking of lucky ducks, Carson and I are getting to spend the rest of the week in Owensboro. James had a business trip Monday-Thursday of this week so we were going to be home alone anyways. With the threat of MORE severe weather, possibly another tornado, I just decided I'd rather not be "home alone" all week. So, Granny, being the amazing Granny that she is, volunteered to drive Carson and I back up to St. Louis Friday morning :) Carson and I are pumped to be here for the week and hope to do lots of visiting, lounging, and playing. Yesterday he started doing some serious walking. He was walking from one side of the living room to the other. Everyday that passes he is getting better and better with his balance :) I was starting to doubt he'd walk by the beach (15 days) but it's looking more and more like a possibility!!

My little lucky duck also had a big Easter....

The Easter Bunny visited us in St. Louis :)

A special package from Ree :)

Carson loved helping Parker open his eggs after the egg hunt!

The Easter Bunny brought Carson a sand bucket/basket (he must have known about our upcoming trip) to Granny & Pop's house!

Our whole family :) I just love these guys!

Granny & Pops with the boys. We've decided it's nearly impossible to get all three boys looking for a picture! haha

My lucky duck :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funny Bunny...

A couple weeks ago while roaming around Target I found some bunny ears, you know, the kind that are on a headband. As soon as I saw them I knew they'd be just precious on top of my little guy's head for some Easter pictures :) Carson and I had our little photo shoot while Daddy was at work, which worked out nicely considering James was NOT a fan of the ears. He said he looked like Ralphie from A Christmas Story (only way cuter). James felt the same way after our Christmas picture in the snowman suit. haha He informed me that night that once Carson turns one I'm not allowed to take these kind of pictures anymore! haha Good thing I got a super cute one this time :)

That wasn't the only fab. picture of the bunch. Check em' out...

I've been putting goldfish in his eggs so he LOVES to shake them! Notice his left leg. He still isn't quite sure about the grass. He pretty much kept his left leg raised the whole time! haha

I can't stand the cuteness!! Look at those big hands :)

Still not letting that leg touch the grass!

Man, I love this kid. And I say kid because everyday that goes by Carson seems less like a baby and more like a kid. This past weekend he took his first solo steps. James and I were sitting across from each other on the floor and he was walking back and forth! The kid seems to want to just skip the walking, and go right to running. So, it's hard to get him to slow down enough to get his balance and walk. He's pushing his walker around the living room all by himself and yes, I realize it's only a matter of days before hes walking around the house. Yikes. Yikes. Double Yikes. This morning he figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets, ugh. Chloe's water bowl is his new favorite thing. If it's on the floor he can spot it from a mile away, and in a matter of seconds he's across the room splashing in it. It pretty much stays on the counter now. Chloe is adjusting to eating/drinking when Carson is either napping or in his highchair. Whelp, Carson just woke up....duty calls :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Now that I have a minute...

I can blog again. I wondered why some other Mommy bloggers just quit the whole blog sharing thing, but I think I've got it figured out....Their bundle of joy started crawling! Last week Carson was scooting around on his tummy, army crawl style. And last Saturday afternoon he figured out how to crawl like a "big boy". He is everywhere, gaining speed each day. My house totally looks like a boy that crawls lives here. There are balls and toys everywhere, nothing sits on the bottom shelves, and mom is tired. I'm predicting that by next week we'll be keeping all of the doors closed, or maybe a putting a baby gate at the front of our hallway to keep him somewhat corralled.

Harper...Party of Three has been super busy in the last week and a half as well. James and I have been trying to mark some items off of our looooong "Spring To-Do" list that I've compiled. We've got lots of new landscaping planted, and as I type the last bits of our white rock are being scooped out. We are planning on laying mulch sometime this week! I can NOT wait! I've painted the front door twice (didn't like the first color) and hung and planted flowers in some window baskets around our deck. The outside of our house was never our favorite but with the new front door color, and big plant on the front porch are looking SO much more homey!

White door...
Charcoal door...
(Since this picture those awkwardly placed large shrubs have found a new home in the backyard and were replaced with boxwoods. Pics to come...)

Carson has been a busy boy too, which of course goes without saying. haha He is soooooo busy these days exploring the house. He's finding new places to crawl, new things to climb on, and new things to play with! Looks a little something like this...

My little man is wearing me out but I'm so excited for him that's he's mobile :) He seems to have so much fun chasing his balls around the house! He is also getting better at walking. He can now push his walker around by himself, and just today he started walking while I just held onto one of his hands. He isn't quite sure how he likes that though, he's a little nervous and whiny but I'm sure in a day or two he'll prefer having that other hand free. Things are looking up for our goal (walking by the time we head to Florida-29 days!)