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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Three teeth out....Two teeth in....

We've had a busy weekend at the Harper house :) On Thursday James worked all day and then had to drive to Iowa in a snow storm to meet with a client Friday morning. In the mean time Granny and Pops were on their way here to visit/help me after my surgery. I had three wisdom teeth cut out on Friday morning. I survived, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We were SO thankful that they were able to be here to help out with Carson & Mommy! Surprisingly I wasn't stuck in bed hurting all weekend :) I slept for an hour or so when I got home on Friday and then I actually was still able to function somewhat normally the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty good and was able to make a trip to Homegoods and Target with Mom, Dad, and Carson (James was attending a CPR/First Aid class at work). I am ALWAYS up for a Homegoods trip... Always.

I told you a week or so ago that Carson had a tooth poking through. Well, it's getting taller and this weekend we spotted tooth number 2 :) Woo Hoo! So stinkin' cute. He's had his semi-fussy moments as they are coming in but nothing too bad. Again, he's the perfect child I swear.

If you click on the picture to make it bigger you'll really be able to see the first tooth....It's too early to get a picture of the 2nd.

I took some A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E pictures of Carson this morning playing with Daddy... I just have to share.

As long as I am able to get such cute picture of my boy I just can't make myself pay hundreds of dollars to have his picture professionally taken. A picture for just 19 cents a print...I think I will :) haha Today is also Carson's 9 month birthday! Woo Hoo! He goes to the doctor on Tuesday so I'll give you the 9 month low-down then. In the mean time...Here's a sneak-peak at our 9 month photo shoot...

If you remember, during our 8 month shoot he realized that there was a number sticker on his shirt... And, as you can see, I didn't fool him this month either. Funny kid.

During all of the teeth growing/teeth pulling I have been trying to complete my monstrous project, that is the kitchen cabinets. It is dangerously close to being finished...Woo freakin' Hoo (and I say that with the most excitement possible) I still have to paint the backsides of my doors but it sure is looking good! It took me hours and hours to get where I am now, and I am pleased to show you our new kitchen :)

And after...
To steal a quote from Modern Family a couple weeks ago, "Cue gasp..."

Yes, I am in love with my kitchen. It looks like a TOTALLY different room. It was worth every big of my time and energy :) And yes, that banister will be painted white pronto it now sticks out like a sore thumb. haha

Love my house. Love my child. Love my hubby. Love my life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Carson and I headed to Owensboro to spend a little quality time with Granny and Pops! I also got to do something that I haven't gotten to do in a LOOOOONG time....Have a girls day :) On Saturday I went to Bowling Green, by myself, to meet up with Holli, Stacey, Tara, and Katie to treat Holli to a special little day before the arrival of Cooper (16 days....Oh my I can't wait)! We spent the day having lunch at a quaint little bed and breakfast, got pedicures, and finished the day off at a frozen yogurt bar (yes, it was just as cool as it sounds). It was SO nice to hang out with some of my favorite people!

Carson really enjoyed his weekend with Granny and Pops as well! It's so much fun to watch Parker interact with Carson. I can just tell that he is dying to play with him....and he's just trying to figure out how. Parker is always using his tools to fix things around the house. And Friday night he got himself a little helper. They literally sat there banging away for 10 minutes together trying to fix Granny's coffee table. I will remember this moment for a very long time, it was just precious. While were talking about play-time, Parker and I also had a blast making a fort in the living room! Carson of course had already gone to bed but as soon as the boys woke up Parker couldn't wait to get Carson in there with him....
The weather was fairly nice all weekend so Carson got try out Pop's Playhouse, which was a Christmas gift for the grand babies :) He absolutely LOVED the swing, and the slide! See for yourself....

Carson also had a busy weekend with his tooth. Everyday it seems to be getting closer and closer to standing up big and tall in his mouth! Today for the first time I noticed it just barely sticking up....adorable! I can't believe how big Carson is getting, and I can't believe he will be 9 months old this week! I feel like it was just last week that I was taking his 8 month pictures! My how the time flies....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And so it begins...

I've been telling you for quite a while that Carson loves to eat. Well, he does and that hasn't changed! One of his new favorite foods are blueberries!! He's also been eating yogurt (banana, peach, and strawberry), and he is lovin' it! However, lately Carson has decided that he likes fruit better than vegetables. For lunch and dinner I typically give Carson a fruit (or yogurt) and a vegetable. Now that he is eating more I have to put them in separate bowls. Being that I am not one of those people that eats all of my green beans before I move onto my apples I don't make him do that either. He'll have a few bites of green beans, a couple bites of apple, and so on. Well, a couple days ago I saw a little light bulb go off in Carson's head. I'm pretty sure his little brain told him this, "Hey, you like whats in the red bowl...lets just eat that." So, he moaned and groaned through the veggies bites and gobbled up the fruit. I didn't really think much about it until the next day, and next day that he did it again. And then yesterday I could barely get him to eat the veggies at all.... that little stinker. Today for lunch Carson had carrots and apples. Only this time, he was one of those people that eat all of their green beans before they eat a bite of their apples :)

Right after the new year we taught Carson to raise his arms up when we say, "Touchdown"! It was absolutely adorable but he only did it for a couple days and then he was over it. Since then he'll do it once in a blue moon. During the last couple of days we've gotten him to do it, and this morning....I somehow managed to get a picture. And how perfect...He was wearing his football pj's!!!

Yeah I know, pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Today while I was doing some laundry Carson found a new toy...The laundry basket! He was very intrigued by all of the little holes in the sides. Isn't it funny by what they find fun to play with? haha He scooted it around for a while and then figured out that he could dump it over. While I was folding the laundry he was tipping it back and forth pulling the clothes out, as if to hand them to me, one at a time to fold. Sweet. I'm going to have this boy doing laundry in no time :)

Last night I got a cute little video of Carson walking around the living room with James... Love seeing those two playing together :)

Oh, and on another random note...Did I mention that we are experiencing a little Spring Fever over here? Today, I wore flip flops and Carson went shoe and sock less...and it was oh, so wonderful :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Harper's! I've been SO busy with my cabinet refinishing project that I almost forgot to put Carson's adorable little Valentine on the blog! The cabinets are looking...ah-mazing! I am make some serious progress and I have to admit I am quite proud of them :) Can't wait to share!

We had a wonderful Valentine's day/weekend :) James surprised me on Saturday with an early (in true Harper fashion...the two of us can never seem to wait until the ACTUAL holiday to exchange gifts.) gift... An IPad :) I was totally surprised! James has such a busy work schedule lately I was kind of afraid he'd forget about the day all together. Of course he didn't :) After receiving the IPad my gift felt quite inadequate. Although, it was special! I took a picture of James and Carson and turned it into the cutest silhouette. I then just mounted it to a piece of blue painted paper, added a title, and framed it. LOVE the way it turned out, and James thought it was pretty cool too :)I can't wait to get it hung in the living room!

Well, I hope that you all got to spend Valentine's day with someone special :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Fever...

First of all I apologize for my lack of blog writing lately. I've been having a little bit of writers block I guess. We are all doing great :) Carson is just growing up so quickly! This week he started taking some steps when we hold onto his hands. As James helps him walk across the living room I can't tell who is more proud, Carson or James. So cute!! And, I know I have said it a million times but I REALLY do think Carson's teeth are about to come in. In the last couple days we've noticed some progress in his little gummies :) I just can't wait to see that first pearly white!

I'm feeling the begining signs of my spring fever settling in. I ordered a bathing suit and shorts from Lands End Canvas the other day (which you should totally check out) and I think that's what started it! I am SO tired of snow, coats, and cold weather!! I can't wait for it to be warm enough to take Chloe and Carson for walks again :) While I'm soooo ready for the warm weather I think I'm most excited about what the warm weather will bring. By spring Carson will be doing all kinds of fun things!! Maybe walking, more talking, swimming, teeth (lets hope), finger foods, and lots more! I can't wait to spend the summer outside playing with Carson! And of course late spring/early summer we are taking our first big family vacay to the beach :) I absolutely can't wait for that!!!!!

In the mean time we just started a new project at the house. It's a rather large project. We are refinishing our kitchen cabinets, or I should say I am refinishing our kitchen cabinets! haha We weren't big fans of our light, yellowish cabinets so I am in the process of applying a dark brown glaze/stain to them. When I am finished they should be dark brown cabinets. I think it will totally warm up the kitchen and just make it look a WHOLE lot richer :) I can NOT wait to share before after pictures because it's going to totally transform the whole space! This project however will be very time consuming! I will probably have to apply 4 coats of the glaze...ugh. I know the time and energy will be worth it :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Night...

I can't really think of a clever way to share our newest videos of Carson. So... I figured that tonight would make for a good movie night :) Enjoy!

Notice the smile about 16 seconds in. This is the latest! He does this a lot when he is entertaining himself....hilarious!

This was a little conversation at Target...If you listen closely you can hear his "monster voice" towards the end :)

The little guy is so fun in the bathtub :)

I said before that Carson LOVES to eat! He is really enjoying feeding himself the little puffs. He's finally got it figured out :)