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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carson's 2nd Halloween!

This year was Carson's 2nd Halloween! Last year he was the, ever adorable, Pillsbury Doughboy

I must admit this costume was quite difficult to top.  After weeks of trying to come up with this years costume I came to the conclusion that I simply didn't have to top last years.  If I topped "last years" every year that would be ridiculous!  At the beginning of September I bought Carson the cutest monkey costume, complete with a hood and all.  He. Hated. It.  Then, a week before his first Halloween party I decided we needed a different costume.  I wanted him to be something he'd be comfortable in, and wouldn't have to fight.  We decided on a Cardinals baseball player.  Why not? The Cardinals are the World Champions after all!  We couldn't have picked better timing!  My parents hosted a little mini Halloween party last Friday, which of course was the same day the Cards won the World Series.

Granny and Pops with their boys :)
Parker and Carson sharing a little snack on the porch!
While Carson and I were in Owensboro my mom and I took him to get another haircut.  We took him when he was tired, hoping he wouldn't put up much of a fight.  He cried, but he didn't totally freak out like he did last time.  He looks SO much older with his new do.  I kinda miss his curls, and the long hairs that flipped out over his ears.  Don't tell him I said this, but since the haircut his face looks chubbier.  Geez, I hope people don't say that about me after a haircut! haha

Playing at the soccer fields :)
On Halloween night James and I took attempted to take Carson trick-or-treating.  When that boy get outside all he wants to do is run.  He goes up and down the sidewalks, up and down the driveways, and back again.  He can't get enough.  So, when we tried to have structured walking down the sidewalks, and up to the door, he wasn't going for it.  We only visited 3 houses, and I'm pretty sure he had more mini fits than he did pieces of candy.  Gotta love a good drop to the knees dramatic moment. haha  After the three houses I sat on the front porch, waiting for trick-or-treaters while Carson and James ran up and down our sidewalk, the way Carson wanted to.  In his eyes, that was much more fun.  Before it got dark we attempted to take a picture of the three of us on the front porch with our pumpkins, and ghosts.  I set up the tripod, got it all ready, and of course Carson wouldn't cooperate.  This was the best we got...

Pretty much sums it up...
 Sure do love my lil' arm swingin' boy :)

On Monday I also went to the doctor for my 12 week check-up.  It seems to be that Harper No. 2 is going to be a little like his/her brother...stubborn.  During ultrasounds Carson always seemed to be stubborn (Do you remember the whole hands in his face thing?)  Well, Monday my doctor was trying to listen for the heartbeat and couldn't find it.  Thanks to the stubbornness we got to see that sweet guy/gal in an ultrasound.  He/she was just kicking away, which is so strange that I couldn't feel it.  I guess that's because the lil peanut is only 5.7 cm from head to bottom.  I got a few pictures to bring home.  I love the one that shows the whole body. He/she is looking right at us, and you can see both hands, and both feet :)  The funniest part of this whole ultrasound was that it appeared Harper No. 2 didn't want to miss out on the Halloween festivities, he/she choose to be an alien for their first Halloween :)

Now that Halloween is over we are excited to be gearing up for the "Holliday" season :) Aren't you?

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