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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is this month FLYING by... I feel like we just had Halloween and it's already nearly Thanksgiving, and my Christmas shopping is in full swing!  Crazy!  We are really looking forwards to spending the holidays with our families :) Next Wednesday we are heading to Benton for an extra long visit to spend time with the Harper's.  We are looking forward to spending time with both sides of their family, and taking Carson to the farm.  Last time we were there he wasn't even walking.  Oh my, he is going to love it there.  James is just dying to take him for a tractor ride, and honestly I'm excited too.  Maybe he'll take me...I've never stepped foot on a tractor!  I'm pretty much a city girl, through and through! haha  This week I made Carson a special little turkey shirt to wear at the farm....Check him out...

The ruler is last weekend's project...a giant ruler for measuring lil' turkeys!

Gobble, Gobble!
In baby news, this tummy of mine is getting bigger.  The pants are getting tighter, and it's sticking out more, and more everyday.  I plan to start taking weekly pictures this weekend.  I think by then you will actually be able to see this lil guy/gal in a picture!  How am I feeling? Pretty good.  I've been battling indigestion something awful.  It's been wayyyy worse that it ever was with Mr. Carson.  I'm not sure what this means...I've heard more hair?  Did you know that we are only a month and 5 days away from finding out the sex? Woo-Hoo!  I've had multiple friends try to talk me into  not finding out.  Are you kidding me? No really...Are you kidding me?  There is no way on Earth I would be able to wait, knowing that I could find out.  And honestly, James wouldn't be able to either.  He says he could, but he lies. haha Everyone has been asking what we think it is, and for now we both are going with a girl.  I know that every pregnancy is different but this one just feels so different from Carson already, I think it must be because there is a sweet, clam, creative lil' girl in there waiting for me :) 

In the last month or so I have taken some cute videos of Mr. Carson....Here are my favs

Sorry for the sideways-ness...This is Carson falling asleep in the car, hilarious!

Trying to teach him a little CATS cheer.  He does say "cat" so I know we're close!

The last two weekends we have gotten together with the Lawings (Sheri, mama Lawing, and her daughter Millie are friends from playgroup!) to take attempt to take family pictures.  Millie is a nice calm, slow moving thing so we got great shots of their family both times.  Carson on the other hand, is a wild man.  It took two weekends, and Sheri's funny sister Colbie to do the trick.  I think our most favorite is at the top of the blog.  It was the only one we got of the three of us during our first photo shoot at the Arch.  Here are some of our other favs!

I sure do love our family!  And I just can't wait to see what our second little one is going to look like!


  1. HILARIOUS! I just saw a ruler growth chart like that at Pottery Barn Kids and am dying to have it...Tassie said I should MAKE one...but she is way more creative than I am :) How hard was it to make yours? I LOVE it!
    And the pics are great! :) I can't wait to see pics of that sweet baby bump of yours!

  2. Ohmygosh, DO NOT buy it from Pottery Barn! It was SOOO easy to make, and it only cost me $6. I bought the wood, stained it, and then used a sharpie to draw the lines and numbers!

  3. Did you bevel the wood on the face of it, do you know what I mean? It looks so good! i.want.this!!

  4. Nope! Just drew it all on with a sharpie!