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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Closer...

I feel like it's safe to say that I'm getting closer to feeling like me again.  My energy level is increasing and I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm not out of the woods by any means but I think I see the bright shiny light at the end of the first trimester tunnel.  Today I scheduled my 13 week check-up, hard to believe the first trimester is already nearing end!  For a couple weeks there I was so down and out that I honestly couldn't even get excited about this pregnancy.  But now, it's safe to say I'm beginning to become obsessed with all things baby again.  I've been peeking around at baby bedding (both boy and girl of course), thinking of baby names, strolling through the maternity department, "ew-ing" and "aw-ing" over the newborn gear, checking out new diaper bags (because new baby means new diaper bag, right?), I even almost bought a crib this weekend.  Yes, you read that right, I almost bought a crib. 
Seriously, I think the one I saw was this same crib, only white.  Love, love, love it!
 IF, and that's a big IF, we have a girl I am dying to buy a simple crib and paint it a fun color.  So, while out on a little garage sale adventure this weekend I spotted the perfect crib for the job, and it was only $30. Ugh, still feel like I should have bought it. O well, it is a little premature. haha  IF we have a boy, we will probably use Carson's crib and move him to a big boy bed.  So, it seemed silly to buy one with the possibility that we wouldn't even use it.  The thought of Carson in a big boy bed is CRAZY.  But, you know what that means? If we move him to a new bed, he'll need a mini room makeover.  Now that sounds like fun! haha Maybe I should be shopping for girl bedding, boy bedding, and big boy bedding possibilities!  When I was pregnant with Carson the day I found out it was a boy I ordered his bedding.  I just hope this go around I'm on top of things enough to already have it picked out!!

James and I have had our "girl name" picked out since we were pregnant with Carson. If I get to start going crazy with all thing "girly" it will be for a little miss Jane Marie Harper.  Jane was James' grandmother, and Marie is my grandmother.  Love it!  On the other hand, if we shall be blessed with another "Harper boy" (and if this happens Pam, I will need lots of advice on how to raise TWO Harper boys) we haven't quite nailed down what his name would be.  Right now my favorite is Anderson James Harper.  I think James is on board with that one as well so my guess is that will be our name :)  Everyone assumes that I am just "dying" for a girl.  Do I want a girl?  Of course, but will I be disappointed if it's a boy? Absolutely not!  Carson is awesome, he is such a boy, and I love it.  It would be so great to have two boys, two years apart.  They could be such buddies, and would always be able to play and entertain each other. I feel like brothers are much closer than a brother and a sister ever could be.  

Geez...I shouldn't have written this post close to bed time.  My brain is what I'm going to call, "baby busy".  Bedding, paint colors, names, clothes, and room layouts, oh my!  Wish me luck ;)


  1. Definitely good luck getting to sleep on that note! HAHA but you are cute and I love this post! It's fun and whimsical and full of life! And it makes me happy to see a mommy-to-be so happy! :) Congrats again, girl!