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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Now Showing...

It's official, I am showing, just barely though.  I always have a "bump" on this belly of mine.  I'm pretty sure my entire life it's never been flat, that's just me I guess. haha Any who, in the last week I've noticed my always bump, is turning into my baby bump! Yay, a reason for a bump :) Nobody would probably even notice that it's there, mainly because it just looks like I gained a few.  I know for a fact it's gotten bigger because, as weird as it sounds, I've noticed that my belly button is more shallow.  Strange I know.  Monday I go back to the doctor for my 12 week check-up.  I'm hoping that Carson and I (Yes, I'm taking him solo to the doctor, crazy I know) will get to hear lil' Harper's heartbeat :)  The super nice lady at the front desk told me I could bring Carson because it should be a pretty quick check-up.  She said he could sit out front and color with them if I needed him to.  Ha, she doesn't know my child.  I wanted to say, "Good luck getting him to sit and color, because he will be way more interested in your wall of files back there."  I'll let her figure that one out, should I need her help.  haha My doctor is a mother of either 5 or 6, I can't remember.  She is so laid back I know she would love to have Carson running around in the exam room.  She loved getting to see him throw wadded up paper balls across the room at our last appointment!

Last time I posted I babbled on about the baby room.  I spent a lot of my free time last week browsing Etsy and Pinterest for cute baby bedding.  Maybe I am just picky, but it's hard to find bedding that isn't dripping with cheese...If you know what I mean.  I love the Chevron (zig-zag) pattern that is everywhere right now, along with all of the other geometric shapes I've been seeing.  Right now I plan on having a few Chevron print things in this baby's room (boy or girl).  Not a lot, because the print is so bold you don't need much.  Right now I'm loving these (from Etsy of course)...

The cuteness is killing me

This weekend Carson and I are heading to Owensboro.  James has a big audit at work next week and can't really leave town for the weekend.  Since he isn't coming with us that allows us to leave earlier than Friday after work.  We are heading that direction tomorrow after we meet him for lunch!  I know Granny and Pops are just dying to see this cute kid.
Is that hilarious or what?  

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